Fuzzy Drive

From the popular brand "EWS", known for their Arion Chorus Modification, comes the new and groundbreaking fuzz/distortion effect pedal, "FUZZY DRIVE"! As you crank up the gain control of the FUZZY DRIVE, you will have powerful fuzz/distortion and with the versatile tone control, you will have wide variety of sound at your fingertip. And when you lower the gain and crank up the volume, it can also be used as fuzz/booster "a la vintage Tone Bender" to enhance your amp distortion. As always, switches are true bypass freeing you of any worries of your tone thinning out when the pedal is not engaged.


65mm X112mm X 50mm
True Bypass Switching
Power Consumption
Battery Type
AC Adapter (Optional)
9VDC, Negative Tips (Regulated recommended)
Input Impedance
1 M ohm
Output Impedance
less than 10k ohm
Past Fuzz unit's drawback was the considerable individual variability in sound. This was caused by the flux of quality in the "heart" of the unit, the transistor. EWS Fuzzy Drive is designed with circuit using the more stable Operational Amplifier. When evaluating the vintage fuzz sound, many people seek the value in the usage of vintage parts like Germanium transistor, but Fuzzy Drive's unique design allows you to enjoy the typical tone nuance of the vintage Fuzz even with the use of Operational Transistor. Fuzzy Drive is designed so you can dial in fuzz, overdrive and all the sound in between simply by adjusting the Gain knob.
EWS Fuzzy Drive FD-1 Pedal Review (Art Byron)
Premier Guitar magazine (June 2009)
Musiacian's Comment - Allen Hinds
The "Fuzzy Drive" is actually properly named. I have owned old 'Tonebenders"...the "holy grail" of fuzz pedals..I have to say the "Fuzzy Drive" is one of the closest sounding to those that I have heard in a long time. But it's more controllable. So you can get that classic old "fuzz" tone, and at the same time it's warmed up by the "overdrive" nuance. It's a great, usable, fun pedal. Very "musical"..
Musiacian's Comment - Michael Thompson
I LOVE THE FUZZY DRIVE!!! That pedal sounds really good. It's actually exactly what I've been looking for-a pedal that I can use almost the same as a Fuzzface that cleans up when I turn my guitar volume down but I can also get some nice grit into a clean amp. It is definitely going to be on my live and studio pedalboards.
E.W.S. Demo Reel "Fuzzy Drive"
Allen Hinds
Gannin Arnold